About Us

We like running. We like running in town. We like running together in town! CityRunTours arrange city running tours with sight-seeing.  We are a bunch of happy runners in Gothenburg and we would very much like to show you our city while we run. Run is fun! CityRunTours provide running guides on your jogging tour so at the same time as you do your training, you also get the historical facts about Gothenburg as well as a chance of taking some nice pictures. Sounds like a nice memory, right? If you like running in town combined with some sight-seeing, don’t hesitate to contact us! See you!




Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. It is situated on the west coast where the Gota River runs out in the Kattegatt Sea between Sweden and Denmark. Gothenburg was founded by king Gustav Adolphus II in 1621 and dug out in the mud by Dutch engineers and workers during the 17th century. Gothenburg was a prosperous town during the 1700-1800 when English and Scottish merchants started business here and today, the City hosts the HQs of multinational companies like Volvo, Stena Line and SKF.